Final Sprint

What we did in Sprint 4

  • Creation and Documentation of building a Boardbot
  • Polishing and improving systems for a demo
  • Completing the website information
  • Improved Wiring
  • Completed SVG Parsing

Current Status

Final Goals

Going into this final sprint we all had some different goals this originally were:

  • Creation of a second Boardbot with a completely documented build
  • Usable CLI interface (drawing arbitrary SVG files with configuration)
  • Complete documentation on website
  • Polished product
  • Cross-whiteboard mounting

We completed the following goals:

  • Website Complete
  • Created a second Boardbot with a documented build
  • Polished product (Better SVG parsing)

The DIY process can be seen on the DIY page


  • Multiple Divergent Goals Overscoping
  • Serial port issues