Integration Update

We had a productive work time in class today.


Things to do by Friday:

Friday = Thursday = Wednesday

  • Counterweights - Evan
  • End Effector - Jared
  • Arduino Mound - Alex?
  • Stepper Cables - Evan
  • Code test w/ SVG support - Ian

Friday = Thursday

  • Full Integration Test
  • Make slick demo robust

Things we completed today:

  • Laser cut new end effector for support with belt system
    • Shorter length for less twist (new steppers are closer to board)
    • Added side plate for more rigidity
    • Using side-mounted screws for belt connection
    • See here for this version CAD
  • Created molex’ed cables for stepper drivers
  • Fixed a few website css/layout issues
  • Planned out work till Friday
  • Started CADing counterweights