Documentation Hand-off Sprint 3

Mos important advice:

Write posts into _drafts. Do it and we’ll all be happy.

What to write there:

What decisions have you made up to now? What’s the current status of the subteam? How does someone tool up to do more work? What is the next step to work on?


Using jekyll and hosting on hold off styling in favor of structure Blocker: Where to go next without consulting with team

Current status:

Website exists, needs text and image content. Needs backfilling Needs forward pushing


Website info is held on Compiled with jekyll File structure:

drafts - not built automatically
posts - blog posts built automatically
sprints - collection for sprint overviews holds examples of all of the elements that the theme has

To transfer to linwebprod: copy the (built) static website to the linwebprod folder

Things to work on:

Current images need to be fixed: scaled and centered w/ sass Add images Upload videos Pester others to document their work and decisions Be better at having documentation be an Important Thing Add authors on Jekyll, make their image and name autofill in signature